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Student Feedback:

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 More Student Feedback:

“Hey, you came to my school today and I wanted to let you know that your speech was absoloutely incredible, very inspirational, and I cant say I have ever truly been convinced/ believe everything that a speaker has said in there speech. But your speech was very moving and your stories you shared with us were eye opening and I honestly think a little differently about my outlook on life. For a inspirational speaker I think you are hands down the best I have ever sat and listened to. Your an incredible person and I hope you continue to go around to schools and inspire others to see differently on what they can achieve and a helpful mindset to have. Thankyou! Fom Maddie, Mildura Senior College Yr 11”

“Hey Nathan! I was at the Decide Your own destiny presentation at Belmont High… and I wanted to say thanks for letting me know what true success is! I always thought of success in the future as money, power, a hot husband and a big house. I never picture myself being successful in life but when you gave a more true definition of success it really changed my negative view of the future into a more positive one. Thank you so much!”

“I think Nathan stood out for me from other inspirational speakers because he’s realistic as well as passionate about what he does. It was awesome!”

“Who am I? I don’t know why but it stuck with me and really made me question who I was & what I was doing with my life”

“I have realised that I have the skills and the greatness to achieve anything I want. I learnt that I can change the things I want to. I was inspired”

“Thanks! You’re the first motivational speaker I’ve heard thats not boring and is made me think about things.”

“Thank you so much for coming down to Tassie!! When we heard about this we thought “oh great, another one..” But you changed our minds! Thanks again!!”

“Amazing! Loved him!”

“He told lots of jokes.”

“Engaging, not boring.”

“Liked his catch phrases and sense of humour.”

“He was inspirational!”

“I just like that he was real, he told his own story and that made it so good.”

“I liked how he gave everyone inspiration on what they can do.”

“He was really funny!”

“I like it when he told the story about his elbows (disability). I felt like we could relate to him then.”

“It really helped me to know that I can do what I want to do and not feel bad about the stuff that is hard.”

Teacher / Youth Worker Reviews:

“The WA One Life Suicide Prevention Strategy (Narrogin District) recently had the pleasure of contracting Nathan Hulls to deliver a series of workshops and seminars to students and parents across the Wheatbelt. Nathan not only had the ability to engage and inspire our youth, but left our parents with many important message about raising and nurturing resilient children. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nathan and watch him empower our communities”.
Jo Drayton
Community Coordinator – WA One Life Suicide Prevention Strategy 
Coordinator – Rural Community Support Service

“It was great having Nathan at Mildura Senior College today. Speaking to our 900 students in two sessions, Nathan had them all captivated. The presentation was energetic, enjoyable and provided us all with some really important messages about finding the best in ourselves. Thank you Nathan…”
Sandy Gunn
Assistant Principal
Mildura Senior College

“Nathan addressed my Year 12 students at their study camp. The message is a simple one, but delivered with the calibre of many a stand up comic. To get such an empowering, uplifting, motivational message across with laughter and engagement was a real feat without any of the cliched cheese or “whoop”. The message is being revisited in my year level meetings, and my addresses to parents on information evenings. What is the message? Now that would be telling. But in my 16 years teaching I’ve taught all-comers; from the brightest to the most damaged and damaging. This message is a key to fulfillment for all. I’ll be rebooking Nathan.”
Justin Cooper
Bacchus Marsh Grammar
VCE Coordinator

“Your approach is casual and down to earth, which makes it easy to connect and relate to. Your stories move people and resonate with the heart, the suffering as well as the power of hope. Inspiration and hope are great antidote to what I think is the greatest epidemic of all time: depression. I feel it is the beginning of something great for young people in East Gippsland, Thank-You!”
Amelie Boucher
Youth Engagement Officer
East Gippsland Shire Council 

“I would like to thank Nathan for his inspirational talk and his enthusiasm and professionalism. The night had a profound impact on the young people who attended and has opened up some great discussion points which we can now follow up further with these young people. Nathan’s use of metaphors and humor engaged the young people right from the start. Thank you for a great night!”
Barbara Livingstone
Practice Leader – Youth Services
UnitingCare Gippsland

“Nathan was an inspirational guest speaker at our annual Careers Conference. The students really benefitted from the message that you can decide your own destiny, and not to let any disadvantages in your life get in the way of striving for your dream.”
Melissa Mance
Careers Co-Ordinator
St Patrick’s Marist College Dundas

“Nathan was a pleasure to have present to our yr7, 8 and 9 students.  He is more than flexible and able to work within the time constraints and structures which often impact other presenters.  With the students he is engaging and shares many relevant and inspiring stories which the students are able to relate with.  I’d reccomend Nathan to speak to any year group, as he is able to adapt his message to suit his audience.  A great presenter.”
Scott O’Hara
Head Welfare Teacher
Tomaree High School

“Nathan engaged the crowd with his fantastic unique style and gave the audience some great food for thought. The message he delivered to the students was powerful and has greatly motivated them to achieve their best during the exam period! Amazing performance!”
Bethany Wakefield
LaTrobe University Bendigo
Residential Supervisor (Academic Development)

“Nathan was natural, and was able to connect well with all. I was impressed to find a normal (not famous) person with such an inspiring and interesting story. I loved his message. Nathan was funny, inspiring and spoke the lingo that connected with the youth. It was refreshing to have someone so down to earth speak about life’s hurdles and challenges.”
Teacher at Ceduna Area School

“Nathan’s method of communication was clear, informative and humorous. The inclusion of his personal stories and challenges gave credibility to his message and kept me engaged. I left feeling inspired and even more passionate about my goal to support, empower and work with the youth within our organisation.”
Kelly McLean
Client Services Support Officer

“I found Nathan’s message and story to be a great inspiration. He showed that despite the hurdles and challenges we have, we should always be the best “me” we can be.”
Michael Pearce
Ceduna Area School

“He doesn’t wear a cape or bounce off buildings but he’s a truly inspiring character who enlivened and inspired the 2011 Empowered Youth Events Conference at Mulwala NSW with his clever analogies of Superman’s Phonebox and the Infinite Appleseed Principle so I would recommend him to anyone looking for a youth motivational speaker!”
Craig Dent
Empowered Youth Events 2011
Events Consultant

“Nathan Hulls is a dynamic speaker who engages youth at their own level. He uses his own challenging experiences to show young people that all things are possible in their lives with the right thinking, determination and motivation to succeed. Nathan speaks of hope and a bright future for them all. He provides one step in their move forward in their thinking and thus in their lives. I know our students were impacted by your message.”
Coral Maxwell
Creek Street College

“Nathan was an engaging speaker, who speaks to students on their level about what it is to be motivated. Students were encouraged to develop and follow their own dreams. We will be asking Nathan to return to our school to speak to specific leadership groups in the near future!”
Kathryn Hamilton
Bendigo Senior Secondary College
Student Council Co-ordinator

“This generation of kids, they are over ‘motivational speakers’ that speak with knowledge or information alone. What these kids need is people that will come and speak to them from their heart and their own experiences, along with the knowledge. I loved how you shared about your elbows and your mum, it was like a bridge where the kids could meet you and they connected with you, you had them listening WITH their hearts not just their heads and THIS is what makes the difference. The fact that you were funny too was a bonus.”
Katie Sargent
Weeroona College

Council Youth / Community Development Officers:

“We approached Nathan to facilitate the first meeting of our Youth Action Council after receiving recommendations from other Councils. We could not be happier with the decision we made! Nathan somehow managed to address the group in a way that was meaningful for all of them – people aged 14 to 22 – which really impressed us because we know that the age spread will probably be one of our biggest challenges with them. He kept the group interested and actively engaged for the whole day which was a massive feat for a Sunday! The mix of personal development content and brainstorming for our future projects was perfect. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with how the day turned out. We hope to get Nathan back to work with the group again in the near future”.
Amy Rhodes 
Youth + Community Development Officer
Northern Grampians Shire Council

“A big thanks to YOU for a fantastic youth forum. You did a fabulous job and the youth empowerment forum format worked really well. There was a tangible sense of empowerment in the forum session, it was great to see them identifying very important issues in the community but most importantly all the fabulous & creative possible solutions. I am so pleased we hired your services. Down to earth, funny and inspiring, I would certainly recommend to all to get you involved!”
Amelie Boucher
Youth Development Officer
East Gippsland Shire Council