Programs For Parents

“How To Motivate Teens”

Motivation_V1_01Audience: Parents
Length: 60 – 90 minutes
Setting: Parent / Teacher Forum or Stakeholder Workshop

Nathan has inspired and motivated over 30,000 Teens and Young Adults in High Schools, Detention Centres, Alternative Schooling, Drop In Centres, Youth Forums and Youth Conferences around Australia and Internationally.

His experience and training in peak performance and transformational coaching along with a passion to discover how successful people are different from the majority of the population has given him insights into human behaviour and the science of success that few people live by.

How To Motivate Teens looks at:

  • – The 2 Key Elements Of Motivation
  • – The 2 Types Of Motivation
  • – 6 Core Needs Of Teens
  • – 16 Keys To Motivating Teens
  • – The Secrets Of The Coach Approach

 “7 Keys To Developing Resilience In Young People”

elasticbandballAudience: Parents
Length: 60 – 90 minutes
Setting: Parent / Teacher Forum or Stakeholder Workshop

With over 12 years working hands on with young people Nathan has a wealth of knowledge to impart to anyone who works with young people. He is passionate about imparting wisdom and helping anyone who works with young people.

Nathan’s experience ranges from working as a trainer in an alternative school, to running workshops in a juvenile justice centre, to inspiring students from some of the most elite private schools.

7 Keys To Resilience looks at:

  • – 3 Fears Of Teens
  • – The 6 Core Needs Of Teens
  • – 6 P’s To Resilience
  • – The 5 Big Mistakes Parents Make
  • – The Power Of Expectation
  • – Learning Opportunities

“10 Things Extraordinary Parents Say To Their Kids”

Teenage girl in trouble with parentsAudience: Parents
Length: 60 minutes
Setting: Workshop

Nathan is passionate about the power of the words we speak to and over our kids to shape their beliefs and their future.  This workshop will cover 10 extremely simple, but so extraordinarily powerful phrases which can be implemented in the setting of supporting and nurturing your children as they grow to be their best.


10 Things Extraordinary Parents Say To Their Kids looks at:

  • – The 3 Fears of Teens
  • – The 3 Subconscious Questions
  • – 6 Core Needs of Teens
  • – The Power of The Coach Approach
  • – Using Love and Logic To Maintain Connection
  • – How To Avoid Power Struggles
  • – 10 Power Phrases

If you want to make a huge difference in your young persons world and equip and empower them to become all that they can be then be sure to get Nathan to come and present this to the parents at your school or organisation.

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