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"Decide your own Destiny"

Audience: Teens and Young Adults
Length: 45 - 50 minutes

Imagine an audience of hundreds of teenagers, in fits of laughter, being drawn in, opening their hearts and minds. Then the raw truth of life comes into full view. The story of a boy born with a disability, the first known case in Australia, facing the future of being different, but desperately wanting just to fit in. Facing teasing, bullying and being labelled. Going through the grief of losing his mum at a young age, but rising above the 'stuff' to choose his own adventure, to create his own future - to decide his own destiny.

Nathan understands what it feels like to try to form and discover your own identity and purpose. He has learned that life’s battles can be won, armed with a sense of humor and an optimistic attitude. Sharing his struggles, Nathan encourages young people to view their lives through a new lens. This empowering story of triumph encourages teens to understand that our destiny is not determined by the 'stuff' that happens to us, the 'stuff' which is out of our control. But our destiny is determined by the decisions we make in response to those things.

Topics Covered in DECIDE YOUR OWN DESTINY Include:

* Stuff happens
* Response-ability = your ability to respond
* Dont B-Lame
* Adversity creates opportunity
* Be the best YOU - everybody else is taken
* I believe in YOU - do YOU believe in YOU?
* Decisions are made daily
"Student Leadership Empowerment Seminars"
Audience: Student Leaders
Length: Half Day or Full Day
Audience Size: Up to 50 at a time
Setting: School Leadership Day

Nathan has developed a series of workshops suitable for smaller groups of students and student leaders to equip and empower them to develop their leadership abilities and encourage them to contribute to their community.

The workshops include (can mix and match according to your requirements):
- Wake Up And Dream (Vision)
- Bite Sized Pieces (Goal Setting)
- Together Everyone Achieves More (Team)
- Win / Win / Win (Real Success)
- Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way (Leadership)
"Youth Community Empowerment Forum"
Audience: Teens and Young Adults
Length: Full Day
Audience Size: Up to 50 at a time
Setting: Council/Community Youth Forum

Communities all over Australia have engaged Nathan to work with their young people and facilitate youth forums and personal development workshops. Mixing Nathan's "Empowerment Seminars" and his facilitation skills Nathan has packaged together everything a community needs to run an engaging and successful Youth Forum.

A typical rundown of a "Youth Community Empowerment Forum" would be:
- Decide Your Own Destiny (motivational presentation)
- Wake Up And Dream (Vision Workshop)
- Bite Sized Pieces (Goal Setting Workshop)
- Afternoon of facilitated brainstorming and workshopping of local issues and youth lead solutions, to engage and include the young people in becoming a part of the solution in their community.
"Developing Resilience and Self Esteem In Young People"
Audience: Parents, Teachers and Youth Workers
Length: 60 - 90 minutes
Setting: Parent / Teacher Forum or Stakeholder Workshop

With over 12 years working hands on with young people Nathan has a wealth of knowledge to impart to anyone who works with young people. He is passionate about imparting wisdom and helping anyone who works with young people.

Nathan's experience ranges from working as a trainer in an alternative school, to running workshops in a juvenile justice centre, to inspiring students from some of the most elite private schools.

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