About Nathan Hulls

“Real… Engaging… Inspiring… Interesting… Dynamic… Funny… Empowering… Uplifting… Motivating!”

In the world of youth motivational speakers Nathan Hulls is a breath of fresh air. He speaks from the heart about issues which are real to young people today. Nathan can relate because he has faced adversity, suffered loss, endured disability and come out on top.

Nathan connects with youth with humor and relevant stories of his own teenage years, but more than that he has a knack of connecting with each young persons heart with a powerful message of hope.

Nathan is a passionate motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mindset coach and mentor. His career so far has spanned business, media, politics and community leadership. When he was just 12 years old he started his first business, mowing lawns, washing cars, doing odd jobs and selling his toys to his friends. By 21 he was doing deals, building online businesses, getting involved in politics, sitting on boards and trading foreign markets.

Nathan has tasted both success and adversity, losing his mother after she suffered 3 severe strokes when he was in his early 20’s. He communicates a positive message of ‘Decisions = Destiny’ passionately and is a walking example of what it means to ‘Decide your own Destiny’.

He is passionate about inspiring young people to dream bigger dreams and to back themselves, all the while teaching them the power of right choices, attitude and character, leaving them with tools to transform their lives and the world around them. He has spoken at schools, youth groups, camps, conferences and forums for the past 10+ years across Australia and Internationally.

Nathan is trained in the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment tool which he uses in Careers Coaching with students to help them find satisfying education pathways and careers they can be passionate about.

If you’re looking for a speaker to come and inspire your young people to look beyond the circumstance which surround them and to decide to rise above the pressures which try to pull them down, then Nathan is your man.

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